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Money Market Accounts for Individuals
Flexibility and high interest—two of the benefits that have made the money market the savings choice in our collection of personal banking solutions. We have two types of accounts. Each offers a highly competitive rate, compounded daily and paid monthly, plus the flexibility to access your money when needed. Funds can be withdrawn over the counter, through the ATM or by check, telephone transfer or online banking.
Heritage Money Market
Take advantage of this business solution with only a minimum opening balance of $2,500.
Venture Money Market
A minimum opening balance of $500,000 is required with this solution. With higher balances, your earnings will accelerate.
Heritage Add-On Certificate
This CD solution offers you flexibility to access your account. You can make as many additional deposits as you wish, anytime. You can also make two partial withdrawals. Whether you add or subtract, your rate will remain same, based on your original deposit.

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