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Cash Management

Over the years, Heritage Bank has helped businesses like yours master the art of managing cash. We can assist you in facilitating and accelerating many of the routine tasks of doing business such as processing collections and payments, transporting and making deposits and tracking banking activity. We can also help you eliminate idle account balances and limit unnecessary borrowing. Whatever you need to help manage your business financially, consider our wide range of cash management products and services.

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Account Statement/Check Image CD-ROM
Filing and maintaining your statements can create unwanted storage problems. Every month we can send you a CD-ROM with your statements and checks.
ACH Debit Block and Filtering
ACH Debit Block and Filtering will help your business avoid the risk of attempted or actual electronic debit (ACH) fraud. ACH Debit Block enables you to specify which companies are authorized to post ACH debits to your accounts while automatically blocking those that are not authorized. ACH filtering allows you to review and confirm or reject ACH debits and credit transactions posting to your account.
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Send debit or credit files to the bank through the Internet for the collection of your client's receivables or for the payment of taxes, payroll, or account payable transactions. You can use your in-house accounting system or Heritage Direct online banking to originate the files.
Business VISA® Credit and Debit Corporate Cards
Use a VISA® credit card to cover business expenses, including travel costs, and to make purchases in person, over the telephone and online. Corporate cards allow you to restrict users to certain types of purchases and has a general ledger interface.
Cash Concentration
Move funds electronically between multiple business accounts in a single operating account to better manage your complex business.
Cash Sweep
Invest your excess cash using our Cash Sweep Investment. At the end of each business day, your net investable balance (over a predetermined target level) will be automatically swept from your business account to an investment account, optimizing your yield on daily-unused cash. 

           •  Not insured by the FDIC
           •  Not a Bank deposit, Bank obligation, or guaranteed by the Bank
           •  Subject to investment risk, including potential principal loss
Cash Vault
Save time and securely transport your cash deposits when you utilize armored carrier.
Controlled Disbursement
Review your cash position daily and disburse only the funds you need that day, giving you more efficient use of your money.
Correspondent Bank Deposits
Make deposits through any of our correspondent bank's 866 branches throughout California and in many other states. The deposits will be automatically swept to your Heritage Bank account each day.
Save valuable time by letting us come to you. We can pick up or drop off your check only deposits and other transactions at a scheduled time and frequency that works best for you.
Commercial Online Reporting Platform (CORP)
Manage your cash from any computer with Internet access using CORP for business, anytime/anywhere. Our cash management team will come to your office for on-site training. CORP allow you to:

  • View real-time balance reporting
  • View paid check and statement images
  • View account activity
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Export history to financial software or spreadsheets
  • Initiate wires
  • Process ACH payments
  • Place stop payments on checks
  • Re-order checks
  • Utilize positive pay
Lock Box
Accelerate the collection of your receivables and reduce mail processing and collection float with our lock box services. Lock box can also provide direct download capability to your accounts receivable system.
Merchant Bankcard
Grow your client base and sales by accepting credit or debit card payments for goods and services.
Pay your employees and file the related taxes electronically and easily through any payroll processor.
Positive Pay
Defend your business against fraudulent check activity using our positive pay services. Positive pay electronically matches your incoming checks against a check issue file you previously submitted. If the items match, we pay them; if they don't, we alert you through an exception report.
Remote Deposit
Eliminate the need to go to the bank or use a courier service to make your bank deposits. Deposits are processed directly from your location and electronically submitted using a small desktop scanner.
Small Business Bill Pay
Save time and money paying your bills for utilities, supplies or vendors with Heritage Direct small business bill pay:

  • View and pay your bills electronically
  • Set up one-time or recurring payments
  • Edit or cancel payments
  • View reports by criteria
Wire Transfer
Electronically send funds for same day settlement from your account to any financial institution in the United States. International wires in U.S. dollars or foreign currency are also available.